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Elevate the way you sell fish online with a fully-customizable website that serves your customers a safe, fast, and wildly effective shopping experience.

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Why B2B Food Wholesalers Choose Miva

When you need to manage complex sales, serve customers a revolving seasonal selection of products, and execute flawless perishable fulfillment from coast to coast, the Miva ecommerce platform has what you need to grow, sell, and succeed. 

Selling food on Shopify not cutting it? You need an ecommerce platform that can handle sophisticated front and back of house operations which are customizable to the exact needs of your business. A first-rate online fish business means being able to coordinate orders and inventory by location, spin up timely promotions quickly, automate systems to slash costs and increase margins, and ensure that every customer gets their order on time and fresh from the sea. 

Can you sell fish on Shopify or Amazon? Unfortunately, these solutions lack the ability to build your business your way. Miva gives you the tools and flexibility to keep operations efficient, profitable, and safe while delivering a dialed in, five-star shopping experience which beats the competition and keeps customers returning to your store again and again. 


Create A Fish Selling Website Designed For Growth

Seize every sales opportunity, keep your team agile, and give customers exactly what they need.

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Create an Unbeatable Experience

  • Personalized shopper support for valuable restaurant and retail customers
  • Design timely merchandising and promotions with ease 
  • Conversion optimization
  • Built-in subscriptions & automatic reordering to boost CLV
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Manage a Complex Catalog

  • High SKU count & dependent SKUs which vary by season
  • Unlimited product variations (weight, origin, and more)
  • Offer value deals with custom product kits & bundles
  • Live inventory visibility
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Streamline Your Logistics

  • Native order management system to sell fish online with speed and accuracy
  • Manage B2B seafood channels and retail sales all from one website 
  • Customize perishable shipments and comply with safety regulations
  • Integrate with back-office systems

Take Your Seafood Ecommerce Strategy to the Next Level

Resources to help you ramp up sales, cut costs, and grow your business.

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Scaling Successful Food and Beverage Ecommerce Whitepaper

Successful seafood ecommerce requires a rock-solid game plan. Here's yours....

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The Ecommerce Mythbusters take on the most common misconceptions about selling food online....

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