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“I don't know of any other ecommerce platform or company that can offer this level of customization and achieve what we've achieved with Miva.” Ron Gerber | Crown Automotive Project

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What BigCommerce Promises:

What Miva Delivers:


BigCommerce B2B sales functionality (through add-ons and partner solutions)
Sell to consumers and business buyers on a single B2B and B2C (DTC) website.


Custom pricing with Price Lists (only available with certain plans)
Customer, account, SKU and rule-based pricing with unlimited price books.


Quote creation and management (via third-party BigCommerce apps like BundleB2B and B2B Ninja)
Native quote creation, updating, and management built to empower salespeople and make online sales quotes easy and effective.


Handling “any nuance” of shipping and fulfillment needs (through add-on BigCommerce partner solutions)
Miva natively enables customer and criteria-based shipping to meet complex shipping and compliance requirements.


Manage your entire catalog on a BigCommerce website (as long as it’s within these limits)
Offer your entire high SKU count catalog online with unlimited product variations (from hundreds of thousands to millions) and seamless dependent SKU management.


Subscription and reordering functionality only available with third-party apps.
Miva’s native digital wallet offers gateway-independent credit card tokenization with all your customers’ favorites--Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, etc.--enabling safe, seamless reordering and subscription options.

Tired of big talk and little solutions?

Many BigCommerce competitors and shopping carts similar to the BigCommerce platform are attractive to merchants who have yet to succeed online. When these sellers really start to grow and be successful online they tend to find out what’s under the hood...a platform that can’t do everything they hoped for.  These platforms stumble on necessary functionality like buy-online-pick-up-in-store. They can’t handle complex inventory and customizable products. They offer more and more add-ons where they should develop core functionality.  

No one should be stuck with a platform that overpromises and underdelivers. Take a look under the hood at Miva (seriously...you can find everything here) to see exactly what we have to offer. 

Video: See how Blackburn Marine Distributing took their online presence from “good enough” to wholesale ecommerce powerhouse. Click here to watch now. 


Apps, schmapps. We don’t believe in patchwork platforms.

Highly restricted platforms like Big Commerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce offer a simple solution that is limited in functionality and requires a patchwork of plugins, apps, and partners to achieve a functional store.  

Miva’s approach is the opposite. We know that a plugin is no substitute for native functionality...apps and bolted-on solutions typically only make a solution LOOK bigger (and make it cost more). So we focus on what we do best—powering ecommerce stores—and built from the ground up everything your business needs to sell more and grow online. This approach has resulted in Miva having more native functionality than BigCommerce, Shopify, or WooCommerce. 


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